Have you heard of ‘eyerus’? It’s job is to keep you safe at all times…

Many people have shared their stories about abuse, and in whichever form it came, the effects were detrimental. This is why as a community we are trying to stand up for each other. It’s no easy task, but to stand up for each other is an innate human characteristic.

When Carol Ofori shared this video of the release of a new app called, ‘eyerus‘, we had to pay some due attention to it. It’s not just an average geo-location app, but it’s something that has been built with a ‘victor’ status as opposed to being a victim.

WATCH the preview of what this application is capable of below, courtesy of Instagram:

“Eyerus is a mobile app whose sole mandate is to keep people safe at all times. Eyerus is an internationally patented automated algorithm mobile app, designed to provide users with personal safety and security services in the palm of their hands. The app, which was founded by Rob Bentele, winner of survivor 2019, the app aims to tackle GBV and contribute to making South Africa a safer place for all who live in it.” (Press Release)


Rob and His Majesty The King ‘Bayede’ chatted about the app on Newzroom Afrika, check out the video below. Courtesy of Instagram.

Also, this is the video put together by the women at ECR on behalf of 16 days of activism. Courtesy of Facebook.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: https://www.ecr.co.za/shows/carolofori/have-you-heard-eyerus-its-job-keep-you-safe-all-times/