Ivory Medical will be operating a fully configurable, high volume, repeatable batch white label production facility that includes a range of cannabinoids + terpenes.


Ivory medical is focused on exporting globally to major European and North American markets which continue to show a growing demand for medical cannabis as well as addressing a burgeoning local market on the continent of Africa. Thanks to increasing awareness and acceptance of medical cannabis as a viable and potent alternative to traditional medicine and increasing legalization that is sweeping Europe and North America, Ivory Medical will be well positioned to satisfy this growing demand for medical cannabis products.


Ivory Medical employs cutting edge aeroponics based vertical farming techniques managed and tracked by a state-of- the-art ERP system developed by Theracann to produce high quality, contaminant-free, and concentrated cannabis oil for clients in the pharmaceutical and medical industries in Europe primarily. Ivory Medical also has the capability to convert its refined cannabis oil output into branded pharmaceutical products for export markets. This will normally take the form of medical capsules, tinctures, and salves.


Ivory Medical’s medical cannabis project will expand its scope of production over 3 years to increase output and improve the resilience and sustainability of operations through use of waste biomass. As a result, Ivory Medical will expand rapidly and scale to meet the quantity needs and quality assurance requirements of clients across the world.