In a world that is technologically driven, Eyerus was created to use existing technology to help  solve one of the biggest pandemics in South Africa –  contact crime, which includes sexual violence, rape, assault and Gender Based Violence.


With almost every South African using a smartphone, the smart thing to do was to create a mobile app designed to provide personal safety for everyone needing the freedom to live without fear, in a society gripped by crime.


Eyerus is an automated algorithm that provides personal safety and security in the palm of your hands. You can now move with safety and freedom anywhere, at any time, without fear.


With a virtual companion like Eyerus, you will never walk alone but within an ecosystem created to improve security for individuals, businesses, and communities. Eyerus is not just an app, it is a technological gateway in combating contact crime such as sexual violence, rape, hate crime and Gender Based Violence, creating a safer society for all.