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Green Alert Mode

Safe and Sound

The Green Alert Mode indicates you are safe and all is well. When you feel your safety is potentially being compromised you can escalate the alert mode according to the severity of your situation.

Amber Alert Mode

Live Audio Streaming

By simply shaking your phone you can automatically activate the amber alert mode which triggers Live Audio Streaming to a secured cloud. You can activate the Amber Alert Mode in any situation where you feel unsafe.

Red Alert Mode

Live Video Streaming

When you find yourself in escalated danger, the Red Alert Mode will automatically notify your pre–assigned guardians. The app will also share your location and happenings with them via Live Video Streaming, which is simultaneously uploaded onto the secured cloud.

Blue Alert Mode

Armed Security & Ambulance Services

Activating the Blue Alert Mode dispatches Private Emergency Services (Armed Response and/or Ambulance Services) with an average response time of 5 to 8 minutes in urban areas, covering all nine provinces in South Africa. Live streaming to the secured cloud will continue.

Blue Alert Mode

Safe and Sound

Activating the blue alert mode dispatches armed private security and emergency ambulance services with an average response time of 5 to 8 minutes in urban areas, covering all nine provinces in South Africa. Live streaming to the secured cloud will continue.

Additional features

Check In Alert Mode

You can determine how long you want Eyerus to keep watch over you. If you do not check in within your predetermined time frame, Eyerus will alert your guardians to your potential danger and reveal your last known location.

Dead Man Trigger

This feature is designed for those unpredictable moments one feels highly exposed i.e. walking from your office building to your car, alone at night. Simply place your finger on the 10 second countdown trigger and once released, the countdown begins. Should you not enter your unique code, Eyerus will escalate to Blue Alert mode which automatically dispatches private emergency services and activates live video streaming.

Next Updates

Travel Safe Mode

Inform Eyerus of your destination. If something out of the ordinary disturbs your travel route, Eyerus will request your unique code to indicate you are safe. If you are unresponsive or provide an incorrect code Eyerus will escalate the situation.

Jog Safe Mode

Set in your jog route on Eyerus. If you stray from your route or do not arrive within a set time, Eyerus will request your unique verification code. If you are unresponsive or respond with an incorrect code, this will signal you are in distress and Eyerus will automatically escalate the situation.

Panic button

Eyerus Panic Button is a small device that one can hide on themselves. It can be linked to Eyerus App but works independently with its own sim card and GPS. When triggered it alerts the guardian(s) as well as emergency services. The battery life of each button lasts between two to four years depending on the usage.

Recommended uses

• As an extra safety precaution in case the phone gets taken.
• Can be given to children without smart phones.
• Use as an unexpected, extra tracking device for your vehicle.
*(Panic Button devices will be available for purchase once the feature is activated on Eyerus App)