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How to use Eyerus

Steps to follow to become an Eyerus user

Register as a new user

Once you’ve downloaded Eyerus please fill in the information required, so you can become a registered user.

Add Guardians (Minimum 3)

Once you’re registered, go to Menu, open Profile, click My Guardians and add people you trust as your guardians. These are the people who are willing to stop everything and come to your rescue at your time of need.
Note: Your guardians must also download the app.

Payment options

Select Card or Voucher.

You’re all set. You now have your personal safety companion in the palm of your hands, wherever you are.


You need to accept people who added you as their guardians.

Here’s how: Go to Menu, open Profile, click on “Have me as Guardian” and approve requests from those who want you to be their guardians.

Download and setup Eyerus video

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