Where do I find the app?

Eyerus is available for download on the app stores both for Android and Apple phones. It will soon be available for Huawei as well.

I’m having trouble downloading the app. How do I know it’s compatible with my device?

All smart phones should be able to use Eyerus, as long as they run on either Android, iOS or Huawei operating systems. Please also check if you have available memory on your phone.

How do I sign-up to Eyerus?

Download Eyerus app from your relevant app store. Go to “SIGN UP” and complete the form with relevant information.

Can I sign-up for more than one person?

Every person must download the app onto their own device and sign-up for themselves. We do encourage helping each other if someone struggles to sign-up by themselves. However, we do provide grouped memberships which offer discounts, so please contact Eyerus Support for a tailored quotation.

What services do I unlock with the premium membership?

Blue Alert Mode immediate dispatches private security and is available only to premium membership. Moreover, as a premium member you gain access to My Vault, which contains all your evidence recordings, Dead Man Trigger and Check-In Alert Mode. Visit our website, www.eyerusapp.co.za, to learn more about these features.

I just made payment, how do I know Eyerus received it?

Once the payment is complete you should get a text message from your bank confirming your payment. Confirmation of your payment will get all the app features unlocked.

Money left my bank account but it’s not coming through to Eyerus.

Please check with your bank if the payment was successful.

How do I upgrade/downgrade from free user to paid user and visa-versa?

To become a paid member go to Eyerus Menu, open Membership, add your card information, accept the payment terms and click “PAY NOW”. To downgrade, go to the same page and click cancel.

I terminated my Eyerus subscription but my bank account is still being debited.

Please check with your bank if the termination was successful.

I have a problem adding guardians/ removing a guardian. How do I do that?

To add guardians go to Eyerus Menu, open Profile, click on “My Guardians” and tap the green plus button. To remove a guardian, click the bin icon next to each guardian.

How many guardians can I have on my profile?

You can add up to 5 guardians. We recommend that you add people that you trust and who are willing to stop whatever they are doing to come to your rescue at your time of need.

Somebody added me as their guardian without my consent. How do I remove myself?

If you are not willing to be someone’s guardian, just decline their request. Go to “Have me as a guardian” and tap “Reject” next to their name.

How do I know that my personal information: credit card details and footage from an incident, are safe with Eyerus?

By law we must keep your personal information confidential at all times and use it only for the purposes for which it was provided. We are compliant with the South African POPI Act which deals with the protection of personal information in the country.

Can anyone else access my recordings?

Only you can have access to your recordings through “My Vault” on the app. However, if a case is lodged, Eyerus will send recordings with Verified Metadata to your investigating officer.

Who can I contact if I need the video or recording for evidence purposes?

You can request for evidence on the app. Go to Eyerus Menu, open My Vault, enter your PIN, click the 3 dots next to the recording you want, and click “Request Evidence” and the Eyerus team will get in touch with you.

Will the recordings be admissible in the court of law?

Yes. For court purposes, you must make a formal request for your recordings through the app. Go to Eyerus Menu, open My Vault, enter your PIN, click the 3 dots next to the recording you want, and click “Request Evidence”

Are there any other options outside my cell phone to use Eyerus?

Yes! Eyerus Mobile Panic Button will be launched with the next update of the app.

What happens if I run out of data?

At the moment Eyerus works only when you have data. If you run out an SMS will be sent to you. We are currently hard at work trying to get all network providers to Zero Rate Eyerus so that it’s not necessary to have data to use the app. We are also working on creating an “Offline” mode which should be out in the next version of the app

How do I get into contact with Eyerus for help?

We have a Customer Service Call centre dedicated to helping you with your Eyerus related issues. Please refer to our contact page on our website: www.eyerusapp.co.za