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Working together to get Eyerus in the palm of everyones hand.

Due to the high level of poverty and over-indebtedness among our fellow South Africans, many may not be able to afford the Eyerus App monthly subscription fee.

Eyerus is for everyone, not just for those who can afford it.

However, if we work together as individuals, private sector entities as well as government, we can find creative ways of getting Eyerus in the hands of everyone, particularly the vulnerable members of our society.

Creative Suggestions

Adopt a charity and sponsor their members.

Have Eyerus subscriptions as part of CSI programs or Employee benefit programs.

Some industries such as insurance, could include Eyerus costs to clients premiuns.

Offer discounts to clients who are subscribers to Eyerus.

Government departments can identify and sponsor deserving groups and individuals according to their own criteria.

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